Steve & Marion McArdle

We are Marion and Steve McArdle we are a small kennel based in Merseyside. We have made up champions and won CC’s and reserve CC’s in Boxers, Boston’s and Lakeland Terriers.

Marion is Secretary of the Merseyside Boxer Club and has held this position since February 2000 and is also the Assistant Secretary of Maghull and Merseyside Canine Society and serves on the committee of The West Lancs French Bulldog Club.  

Marion currently awards CC’s in Boxers, Bullmastiffs and Boston Terriers, and is on a B judges list for Shiba Inus, French Bulldogs, Akits and Griffons. She has been judging Boxers at CC level for many years having first awarded them at The Scottish Boxer Breed club championship show in 2011, Driffield Championship Show 2013, Richmond 2015 National Working & Pastoral Breeds 2017 and Bournemouth Championship Show 2019, where she also awarded CC’s for the first time in Boston Terriers. Marion also judges Bullmastiffs where she awarded CC’s for the first time at Richmond Championship show in 2016. She was honoured to be invited as a secret judge at the UK Bullmastiff All Winners Event 2018 a day that she will always remember. 

Oversea's Marion's first Championship Show appointment was at the South Island Boxer Club, Christchurch New Zealand in September 2012, followed by an invitation to judge Boxers at The Swedish Boxer Club in Vaxjo in September 2013, which she thoroughly enjoyed and was pleased to be invited. 

Marion is a member of the Kennel Club and attends the Boxer Breed Council meetings as one of the delegates for the Merseyside Boxer Club.

Steve  has been Treasurer of the Merseyside Boxer Club since 1995, he is also Treasurer of a local Canine Society and is the Chief Steward of Manchester Dog Show Society, who hold their annual General Championship Show at Stafford County Showground. In 2011 he became a member of the Kennel Club. 

Steve has been judging Boxers for many years at CC level. Steve first awarded CC’s in Boxers at East of England in 2011, Border Union Championship Show in 2013. Leeds 2015, Dogs at The Anglian Boxer Champ Show 2018 and bitches at South Wales Boxer championship show in 2019. 
 Steve also awards CC's in Bullmastiffs, he judged them at National Working Breeds in 2017, he was also invited to be a secret judge at the prestigious UK Bullmastiff All Winners Event in 2019.

One of the other breeds Steve has owned and been involved with which  is very close to his heart are Lakeland Terriers, he awarded CC's at Leeds 2013 and The Midland Lakeland Terrier Club Championship Show in 2018. He judges other Breeds in the Working, Terrier and Utility Groups and is on a B list for Bostons, Dobermanns and Rottweilers. 

Steve’s Overseas Championship Show appointments abroad have included The Western District Boxer Club of New South Wales, Sydney Australia and The South Island Boxer Club, Christchurch New Zealand in September 2012.

We bought our first Boxer in 1983 from Mary Hambleton, a red & white bitch, a daughter of Bill Von Domke, we attended the WLBTC with her at Haydock  racecourse and then decided to have a dabble at showing her at local open shows.

Steve & I became committee members of WLBTC in 1984 and Steve held the position of secretary for 4 years. The training classes held at Aughton show centre were well attended with some members enjoying agility training. A lot of today's Boxer Breeders and exhibitors gained invaluable knowledge and experience through these classes.
We showed our first Boxer around the Open shows and it wasn't unusual to get 20 -30 boxers entered. We met our best friends Paul & Maria Harding at these shows which was the start of our 37 year friendship.

When Dolphe the Buhe Farm arrived in England from Holland we mated our Bill daughter to him. This litter produced Stacey’s Choice, our first home-bred show dog. We would travel to Championship shows with Paul & Maria, the long distance ones in their car and the local ones in our mini metro. Paul & Maria went on to show French Bulldogs, Bulldogs and Akitas with great success gaining the titles of top Bulldog breeders and BOB at Crufts in 2011 with their Champion bulldog.

We showed Stacy with limited success and went on to buy an 18 month old bitch from Mary Hambleton who was a niece of Ch Moljon Dream again at Marbelton who had been BOB at Crufts. We lightly showed her but when we started with a family we didn’t show for a number of years.
We purchased Sunhawk Norwatch Killarney from Helen & Eddie Banks; this was when the threat of banning tail docking was about, and many breeders were reluctant to have litters. We showed her at Championship and open shows and she was regularly placed. Our first prize win with her was at the Mancunian Champ show under Maureen Wragg, and she qualified for Crufts under Tim Hutchings at Manchester Champ show.

We bought a puppy from a local breeder who was a Guan Del O Robica daughter, we didn’t exhibit her, but she produced a beautiful litter of 11 puppies, to Roamaro Beaujolais. Molly produced our first stud book qualifier, McArmadale Destiny.
Over the years we have gained numerous stud book numbers and made up 2 champion boxers and a Champion Lakeland Terrier. We made up two Champion boxers brother and sister Nancy Ch Redmol In A Pickle At McArmadale JW and Charlie, Ch Redmol Read all About it st McArmadale JW George, Wildax Lookin Good at McArmadale has 2 RCC‘s, they are all Crufts qualified for life. 

In 1995 we became involved with The Merseyside Boxer Club. Steve became the Treasurer and Marion went on to become Secretary in 2000 positions we both still hold. We have a brilliant hardworking committee and hold 3 shows a year one of which is a championship show in April at Sutton Leisure Centre St Helens, Merseyside.